We tend to believe that some people are just destined to be extraordinary — super-human in fact. Although that may be true in theory, the logic or lack there of – is simple. Look at these great women, such as Sara Blakely of Spanx, Grammy award winning rapper Cardi B, and local Atlanta sensation Pinky Cole of Slutty Vegan. These ladies have proved they got what it takes to go the distance and push through what seems like the impossible to obtain their spot in feminine legacy. I mean, can we give them their crowns already! Even if we don’t own million dollar companies or sell out huge arenas, who’s to say, we still can’t all achieve our own level of greatness. These women went above and beyond and showed up for themselves each and everyday, just as religiously as we clock into our 9-5’s. What we fail to realize is the same spark that lit the fire inside these women is actually a heart-fueled battle that can only be won fighting for yourself. As humans, we naturally tend to be our own roadblocks to our personal success. We subconsciously limit ourselves by negatively reenacting scenarios. Specifically, that voice in your head that tells you all the reasons “you can’t, what if, and you aren’t”.

That toxic shit has got to go ! If you truly don’t believe in yourself how the hell do you expect anybody else too ! (Let’s just give Rupaul his crown too). I didn’t know how to jump a car. I learned and still frequently use YouTube as a reference. I didn’t think I would get the job I wanted. Nailed it ! I didn’t think I could start this blog let alone a business but you know what I did? STARTED. So I ask you…. are you a peacock – someone who can camouflage the world with facades and breeze through life with no definitive purpose. Now I’m in no way knocking the fine feathered creatures. They’re really pretty and supposedly made great pets but; honestly, what else… How about we leave the peacock movement as a elder fashion trend, stop making excuses for yourself and lets set this world on fire!

Gather around. Class is now in session. Hopefully we are all familiar with the Greek mythology story of the Phoenix but if you are not – let me further explain. The Phoenix was known to be a symbol of fire and divinity that was often used by powerful leaders. As the story goes this mystical bird decorated with infectiously bright red and gold hues soared the skies singing beautiful melodies. As time passed, the Phoenix grew old and feeble, and makes the decision to return to its native land to build itself a nest, made from cinnamon and herbs. A spark from the sun ignited and consumed the bird and its nest. Once the flames died out the Phoenix was nowhere to be seen and all that was left in its place was gray ash. Moments later from the burnt ashes arose the valiant Phoenix revived. The fire bird flew once again invincible and immortal.

Whether we remain the ash or become the phoenix is up to us. 

— Ming-Dao Deng.

If you didn’t get anything from this tale then maybe I cant help you and you’ve clearly wasted your time even reading this post. Michele Sodon of Elephant Journal totally got it when she said, “My story probably isn’t much different than yours. Perhaps the actual events are different, but that pile of ash is still swept up in a corner of my past, much like yours. The difference comes in how we each deal with the pile“. It won’t be perfect and it may not be pretty but the journey is well worth it Betty, you just need to get a move on. I believe we manifest our own destinations. Anything that was meant for you will always be for you no matter the circumstances. Can you rise up to the challenge vulnerability brings? Will you undoubtedly believe with every ounce in your body that you will succeed? So carry your fear along with you. Do it intimidated, do it even if it hurts, and do it the very best way you know how. You cannot expect to grow when you’re comfortable. & the only difference between you being good and great is the call of action you take. The best advice I can give you is this…

Change the way you talk to yourself. Be very patient and kind. Understand each opportunity, win or lose, is a chance to learn. Stop making excuses for blessings that are meant for you. It should never be a "what if" in life but rather a "when". Remember whenever you fall, that scrapped knees build character. Band-aids prove you strength & the scars just show your wisdom. Believe that you are capable of all the things you set your mind too. The only thing limiting you, is you.





Haute Spotlight : St. Regis Atlanta

Located as the focal point of the St. Regis Atlanta Bar is a mural by Claude Perreault titled, Resurgens. ‘Perreault uses the mythical firebird to depict the fall and rebirth of Atlanta after the Civil War, symbolizing the strength of the city. Under the majestic bird’s left wing lies the old Atlanta, which burned down during the war. Under the right wing is the city skyline of contemporary Atlanta, which speaks to the city’s triumphant cultural rebirth’. The phoenix is a featured symbol on the flag and seal of the City of Atlanta. The bar also features a signature cocktail known as the Rise of the Phoenix, a deliciously smokey cocktail curated with locally farmed blackberries, sweet agave nectar, and mezcal tequila. This experience of a beverage will leave you with all the feels. Ending your last sip with a soft fruitful spice and complimented with a citrus peel (ref. http://www.bespokemagazineonline.com/global-murals/)

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